Balanced Brownie Bites February 24, 2019 - These Balanced Brownie Bites are the best things I’ve made in a while. With just 4 wholesome ingredients and no baking needed, they are the simple, healthier alternative to the chocolate brownie indulgence we’d all like to have daily. If you have a sweet tooth like me, this will be your new go-to healthy sweet […]
Anti-Inflammatory Berry Gummies- Vital Proteins Beef Gelatin November 4, 2017 - Treat yourself to a healthy sweet snack with these gummies! Made with Vital Proteins Grass-Fed Beef Gelatin, this is a treat that’s beneficial for your gut and your immune system. I’m all over this one.
Southwestern Turkey Stuffed Peppers- Whole30 Approved October 10, 2017 - If you make this recipe once, you’ll want to make it again, and chances are you’ll have plenty of leftovers to relive it for the next few days. Disclaimer, you don’t have to be doing Whole30 to enjoy these 🙂
Whole30 Paleo Mini Breakfast Frittatas September 21, 2017 - It’s no secret that starting the Whole30 program is a learning process, and if you’re like me on this program, breakfast has proven to be the toughest meal of the day to switch up. THIS recipe is a game-changer.
Iced Coffee Protein Shake July 24, 2017 - For the mornings when you need life to give you a hand or two, THIS SHAKE is your answer.
Oatmeal Peanut Butter Power Balls June 27, 2017 - These little energy-packed balls of joy are full of protein and fiber, perfect for a midday snack or pre-workout fuel up, and super easy to make. Get the recipe here!