BeatBoss Cycling Certification Review

Hey everyone! Long time no blog from me, but I promise it’s been for good reason. There have been a lot of exciting new things and opportunities happening in my life this past month, and ONE of them includes obtaining another fitness certification! It seems like ages ago now, but at the beginning of March I completed the BeatBoss Indoor Biking certification and am proud to say I’m officially a BeatBoss indoor cycling instructor! I had such a great experience working with the incredible creators of BeatBoss and becoming certified, so now I’m writing a blog post to give my honest recommendation and review on it.

For any of you wanting to start a new journey as a cycling instructor, looking to polish up and improve your skills as a current cycling instructor, and realize the importance of having an official certification on your resume, this post is for you.

Overview of BeatBoss

First things first, here’s a (very) brief overview of the BeatBoss Certification. BeatBoss is a national education provider for indoor cycling recognized by ACE, NASM, and AFAA, and currently the only certification of its kind. The certification is completed in a two-day, 14-hour “boot camp style” weekend complete with valuable materials, information, and hands-on training to set you up for success. The intensity is high, the environment is open and accepting, and the coaching is top-notch.

BeatBoss was created by Andrea Austin and Chris Cronick, two cycling instructors from the Twin Cities area and both veterans in the fitness industry. Chris and Andrea bring their skills, coaching, and certification all over the country, with their home base right here in Minnesota. BeatBoss teaches the fundamentals of instructing an indoor cycling class using a “ride the beat” mentality combined with their “purpose to the party” focus, emphasizing that their style of instructing brings both a physically effective workout and a fun class atmosphere. Through a combination of written materials, one-on-one coaching, small group and large group work, and videos to teach and run the boot camp, Chris and Andrea offer knowledge and insight on many aspects of instructing a class. From music theory, bike choreography, visual and verbal cueing, and proper riding techniques, you will walk out of this certification with a wealth of information to transform your indoor cycling class. I encourage you all to read more about the certification, the BeatBoss methodology, and how seriously cool Chris and Andrea are themselves on their website:


My Take: BE A BOSS, a BeatBOSS (do it!)

As a self-proclaimed “avid cycler” with no previous experience as a group cycling instructor under my belt, this certification gave me the tools and practice, and not to mention, THE CONFIDENCE that I needed to kick off a career in indoor cycling.

I’ve been taking cycling classes consistently at various studios for about 5 years now. Becoming an instructor has always been on my mind, especially as I became more in tune with my own personal riding style and how a class is set up. There have been many times where I’ve thought to myself in class, “I could totally lead this.” However, being a good rider is only half of what it takes to become a good instructor, and that is where BeatBoss came in to play for me.

During the rigorous two-day BeatBoss boot camp, Chris and Andrea never stopped pushing us to be better. I received one-on-one help from them whenever I needed it, and they made the effort to challenge each and every one of us in individualized ways. We had plenty of time for personal practice on and off the bike, curating playlists, and experimenting with different sequences to piece together an actual ride. We concluded our boot camp with a showcase/dress-rehearsal ride, where each one of us put our skills to the test on stage as an instructor, with Chris and Andrea right next to us providing real-time feedback.

The thing I valued most from this certification was the opportunity to lead the class on my own for the first time, in a low-stakes environment, while receiving constructive feedback before, during, and after from two professionals. Chris and Andrea don’t just hand you a manual, read it word for word to you, and then send you on your way. They give you the tools you need, provide demonstrations, and then hand the reigns over to you to do it yourself in front of the class, whether you think you’re ready or not. We were pushed out of our comfort zones, which is probably the one thing we (I) needed most. One of the biggest takeaways I got from the weekend is that no one will be perfect right away, and that you just have to “do, do, do” and work out the kinks as you go. No class will ever go as planned (just like life!) but it’s how you set it up, and are able to lead others, that will set you apart.

If you’re looking to become an indoor cycling instructor, which I’m seeing more and more of as this type of workout gains popularity, then you should get certified through BeatBoss. You can only make yourself better by doing this, and can possibly increase your chances of landing a job at the studio or gym of your choice in the future.


So, there you have it: BeatBoss has my wholehearted recommendation! The changes I saw in myself over just a two-day period were incredible. Not just in my abilities to lead a class, but in my self-confidence and the happiness I had coming away from it. This was my first step to realizing a 5-year long dream of mine and gave me the push I needed. Thank you Chris and Andrea!

Signed with healthy intent (and a slight obsession for biking),