Anti-Inflammatory Berry Gummies- Vital Proteins Beef Gelatin

Treat yourself to a healthy sweet snack with these gummies! Made with Vital Proteins Grass-Fed Beef Gelatin, this is a treat that’s beneficial for your gut and your immune system. I’m all over this one.

These Berry Anti-Inflammatory Gummies are a healthy alternative to traditional candy gummy bears, and offer so much more than just sweet tooth satisfaction. The recipe includes 3 full cups of fresh fruit, has no added sugar, and uses a collagen protein bovine hide gelatin powder, giving these gummy bears a boost of health benefits that will put all other gummies to shame.


The Power Behind the Gummies: Vital Proteins Grass-Fed Beef Gelatin

Vital Proteins Grass-Fed Beef Gelatin is made from one ingredient: bovine hide gelatin. Clean and simple, tasteless, no added hormones, no added sugars, and no artificial flavors. It’s Paleo-friendly, Whole30 Approved, and gluten free. Just one serving of the gelatin powder also includes 20g of collagen protein.  Thanks to this gelatin, these gummy bears have many unique health benefits for your digestive and immune systems.

Beef Gelatin Gummy Bear Health Benefits: 

  • Gelatin lines the GI tract aiding in slower, improved digestion
  • Gelatin helps enhance nutrient absorption in the gut
  • Collagen protein works to keep bones healthy and strong and reduce inflammation
  • Collagen also plays a role in healthier hair, skin, nails and joint health
  • Immune system booster
  • Lower sugar and calorie alternative to traditional candy gummy bears
  • Homemade Paleo-friendly, gluten free gummy bears ❤


And as if the fact that I’m giving you a HEALTHY gummy bear recipe is not enough, this recipe is also very easy and quick to make, even if you have never made gelatin before. Just make sure you follow the steps below in the correct order to ensure your gummy bears turn out lookin’ fresh and good (and not like amputee teddy bears… RIP to a few of mine).


Vital Proteins Anti-Inflammatory Berry Gummies


¼ cup fresh-squeezed lemon juice

4 tbsp. Vital Proteins Beef Gelatin (You can find it here!)

3 cups mixed fresh or thawed frozen berries

2-4 tbsp. honey (*adjust to desired sweetness)

2 tsp. grated ginger

1 large pinch of sea salt

600 mg. magnesium/potassium blend (optional)*


1. Prepare berries (thaw if frozen or chop into smaller pieces if fresh)

2. Add the berries, honey, ginger, and sea salt to a large blender

3. Blend on high until smooth

  • Optional: press the berry blend through a strainer to remove seeds

4. Add the gelatin to the lemon juice in a small bowl

  • Stir and set aside for 3 minutes to let gelatin bloom
  • *Important: Be sure you add the gelatin to the small bowl of lemon juice, not vice versa*

5. Pour the berry blend into a medium sauce pan and place over a medium-low heat

6. Add the bloomed gelatin/lemon juice combination to the sauce pan and stir continuously until gelatin is melted

7. *If using Magnesium: remove pan from the heat and stir in magnesium.

  • NOTE: the magnesium will make the combination fizz and bubble up when first added (science is cool). Be timely with how you proceed with the next step of filling the molds with the gelatin. Let fizz settle down, but don’t wait too long because the gelatin will harden. I used the magnesium in one batch and did not use it in my second batch. Both were great.

8. Pour into silicon molds or large glass dish.

9. Refrigerate until solid: about 2 hours for molds and 4 hours for large dish.


Make different variations!

Experiment with a variety of berries for different flavors and colors of gummies:

Blueberries + Raspberries + Strawberries make a magenta/purple colored gummy that tastes sweeter.

Strawberries alone make a pink gummy that has more of a tart taste.