21 Day Mini Challenge Recap

Hey everyone! The first Healthy Intentions 21 Day Mini Challenge officially came to a close on Thursday night, so I wanted to post a little recap to let you guys know how it went for me. In case you missed the last post on what exactly a 21 Day Mini Challenge is, and what exactly I had been doing the past three weeks, you can read about it here!

Below is the recap—


Break my habit of mindlessly snacking before bed.

Four stipulations I set to help me break this habit:

  1. Eat wholesome dinners to keep me full and reduce cravings at night.
  2. No snacking 1 hour before bed.
  3. Portion out any snacks I eat after dinner (still following #2)
  4. Drink more water.

How I did:

I’d say this was a success! By no means was this a lofty goal, but for 21 days I was careful to not mindlessly snack before bed. No matter how big or small the goal, this was a habit I definitely wanted to put an end to, so I’m happy with the changes I was able to make for myself.

I kept a tally on my bathroom mirror counting the days of the challenge. This was a helpful motivator for me to keep up what I was doing. Halfway through the challenge, I also revisited my blog to remind myself of the 4 things I outlined above.

For the most part, I followed all 4 of the stipulations. I 100% stuck with the stipulation of not snacking 1 hour before bed.

Full disclosure, on two of the nights I had a snack later in the night and just made sure I stayed up another hour after eating, even though I didn’t necessarily need something to eat (a little cheater action there). I may have bent the rules a little, but my minor deviations still kept me from eating right before I went to sleep, which was the habit I wanted to break. If that was the worst I did, I think I did alright : )

*Gives self pat on the back*

How I feel:

Before the challenge: I would go to bed feeling very full from my late night snacking. I would have uncomfortable stomach aches that lasted even through the morning. I felt bloated many mornings and I noticed my digestion and gut health felt very off.

After: Through the challenge, I’ve been waking up feeling SO much better! I’m hungry for breakfast when I wake up, but not starving. No more uncomfortable bloating or stomach aches in the morning, and my body feels ready to go for a new day.


All in all, the best thing about this challenge was having something on my mind to hold me accountable. I was more cognizant of my choices before bed and started learning how to train my mind to “turn off” the thoughts of wanting a late-night snack. Now I feel confident that I’m going to keep up this mentality. The drastic difference in how I feel in the morning both physically and mentally is enough motivation to make me want to continue.


Did you do this Mini Challenge with me? Did you make your own 21 Day challenge? Let me know how it went!

Have any suggestions for another 21 Day Challenge? I would love to hear them and implement them in the future.


With healthy intent,