Iced Coffee Protein Shake

For the mornings when you need life to give you a hand or two, THIS SHAKE is your answer.

I’m not usually a “shake-only” type of breakfast-er (that is 100% a word to me now), and I’ve always been someone who eats a lot in the morning, so I recommend having this with something else small to make a full breakfast.  However, this is still a great shake for me on the days when I’m running behind or simply not as hungry as I usually am in the morning. It also has a full cup of coffee in it! I recently paired this with two of my oatmeal peanut butter power balls, and it was just what I needed to start the day off right.


1 cup cold coffee

1 cup unsweetened almond milk

1-2 scoops Vital Proteins Dark Chocolate Collagen Whey protein powder

1 banana

Add ice if needed


Blend and you’re ready to run out the door with a bomb shake!


Blender recommendation: I’ve used the NutriBullet for years and I absolutely love it! Your smoothies and shakes are blended for you conveniently in a NutriBullet cup. Once blended, you can just pop a lid on the cup and take it with you wherever you’re going. It’s also a master at blending everything quick and evenly, and is very easy to clean.

NutriBullet on sale now at Kohl’s for $59.99! Here it is on Amazon as well.