21 Day Mini Challenge

We’ve all heard time and time again how it supposedly takes 21 days to break or build a habit. That’s 21 days of changing something that your mind and body have been conditioned to doing for an extended period of time. That’s 21 days of not doing something you most likely enjoy, but would be better off without. That could also be 21 days of introducing a new healthy habit into your life that you’re not accustomed to doing. Either way, habits are hard to break and we all fall victim to a few unhealthy ones here and there. It takes some perseverance and strong desire to kick these little annoyances to the curb.

That’s where this 21 Day Mini Challenge comes into play. I love setting goals for myself and often make these challenges when I want to make a change in my life. Working on improving things about myself gives me something to strive for each day, and setting goals keeps life interesting and exciting!

My unhealthy habit I’m trying to break with this challenge is one that I most likely share with a lot of people out there:

Mindless snacking before bed.

(aka giving in to cravings at night / bored eating at night when I’m not hungry)


Can you relate?

It’s an irritating habit of mine. Obviously snacking before bed isn’t detrimental to my health, and breaking this habit isn’t a life or death situation, but it’s something that I know I shouldn’t be doing every night. In the end, it’s not the best complement to my daily workouts. It’s extra calories that are unneeded and can set me back in my fitness goals. Most importantly, it’s a personal thing I would like to change about myself, and for myself. So, I’ve created a challenge.

The Mini Challenge Spelled Out:

Length: 21 DAYS

July 7- July 27


First, what I will not be doing:

I will not be cutting myself off from buying snacks or hiding my favorite go-to nighttime foods from myself. “Out of sight, out of mind” is not the motto here. In fact, as of last night I’ve got a fully stocked fridge full of all the goods. If I want this change to stick, I need to live my life as I’ll be living it after these 21 days.

I also won’t be telling myself I can’t eat anything before bed (*within my stipulations listed later below) if I’m truly hungry. If you’re actually hungry, your body is telling you it needs nutrients to keep on trucking.

This isn’t about restriction at all. This is all about discipline and making a change.


Four things I will be doing:

  1. Be intentional about what I eat during the hours preceding my bedtime. Make sure each of my dinners are wholesome and filling to keep myself from getting hungry later in the night and to avoid cravings.
  2. For the sole purpose of having an exact cut off time to help me stay on track, my goal is to *not snack 1 hour before I go to bed. I work best with concrete numbers 🙂
  3. Use PORTION sizes. If I do need something to eat after dinner, don’t just go crazy with a box of cereal or spooning peanut butter out of the jar in bed (guilty as charged).
  4. Drink more water. Usually dehydration can be mistaken for hunger, and cravings can be squashed with a glass or two of water.


My 21 Day Challenge starts TODAY. Yes, I’m seriously starting this on a Friday right before the weekend hits, but I’m literally saying to myself,

“Why put off making a change when you’re motivated this very moment to take action?”


So, I invite you guys to join me in my 21 Day Mini Challenge. If you’re wanting to stop snacking before bed, let’s do this together! If you have another bothersome habit you’ve been trying to break, create your own 21 Day Mini Challenge with concrete steps and start it today.

If you’re starting your own 21 Day Mini Challenge, I’d love to know about it. Feel free to email me at megshealthyintent@gmail.com (or shoot me a personal message).

This is the first time I’ve actually written one of these down and let others in on the little challenges I do. Like I said above, I do these often, so I will definitely be sharing them more on the blog.

Best of luck everyone!


With healthy intent,


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