Work Out To Feel Good

Why do you work out? What is your motivation behind your work outs?

My answer: I work out to feel good.

Exercising makes me feel healthy and alive. I feel strong and lean when I run. I feel energized and powerful when I cycle. I absolutely love the feeling of a good sweat and some sore muscles, and I feel accomplished knowing that I’m doing amazing things for my body. 

I work out to take care of myself, reset my mind and re-energize my body. Exercise is my form of self-meditation, stability in my life, positivity, and a release of all stress and anxieties. My daily workout is the time in my day I get to dedicate solely to me, and I’ve come to understand that having that “me-time” is necessary for my well-being.

I work out because it makes me happy.

You guys get where I’m going with this. Working out makes me feel good in so many ways.

Now back to you: Why do you work out?

Wherever you may fall on the spectrum between working out to lose weight or training for a marathon, I challenge you to shift your gears a little. Maintain those awesome goals of strengthening yourself, reaching a desired weight, or making that new PR, but move your central focus to the incredible things that exercise does for your life. Personally, I find when I focus on positivity and harness the happiness I get from exercising, I achieve a heck of a lot more.

  • Do you feel accomplished?
  • Do you feel confident in your own skin?
  • Do you feel like you just spent quality time with yourself and have a clear mind?
  • Do you feel like you earned that fun night out with your friends?
  • Do you feel motivated to continue to slay the rest of your day at work or school?
  • Do you simply not feel AS guilty about finishing off that pint of Half-Baked Ben & Jerry’s last night?

Aside from the fact that I genuinely have fun exercising, all of the above are enough to keep me motivated and coming back for more (especially that DE-lish Ben & Jerry’s).

Now, I wouldn’t be telling a complete story if I said there wasn’t some sort of aesthetic goal in mind too. Of course I have goals for how I want my body to look, where I feel I need to build and tone muscle, where I think my “problem areas” are. Like yes, I want my butt to look good too. But that doesn’t change the fact that first and foremost, I need to be feeling good about myself before I can even begin to have success in accomplishing my goals.

I work out because it makes me feel good.

Fall in love with taking care of yourself and the rest will come.


With healthy intent,